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This widget is to presenting the articles amount and comment at your blog.
After some time blogging, possibly you like to know have how many is articles amounts which have diposting and the comment in blog your. This number good for simply knowing the articles amount you make or how many people which have commented in
your blog.
Please copy script which is blue chromatic, change script which is
orange chromatic by the name feeds of your blog, change script which is green chromatic by total amount your blog.


Term Widget in rather different information world technology of word meaning widget in Indonesian language, but owning the same meaning. Widget mean small mechanical peripheral be small mechanical peripheral.

In information technology, usage of word Widget sometime compared to gadget. For example Google replace the term widget with desktop gadget because truely both this word have the meaning can be told much the same to. But in word information world technology widget more popular, possibly the cause of him is word gadget more knowledgeable as peripheral hardware portable be like handphone or PDA. If we refer back from word meaning widget which is taken away from the meaning of gadget is widget overall panel instrument. From this definition can be concluded that meaning gadget by xself related/relevant to truely sliver with widget.


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